Supply Chain Solutions 

Your strategic partner for your procurement, export/import, logistic, and supply chain needs for radioactive and X-ray machines
Industrial and medical sectors

Deliver the solutions to both
the principal and the end user.


Channel distributors and dealer agencies.


On behalf of the end user to settle the requirements and paperwork.


Warehouse, transporter, and export/import consignee.


Repair, maintenance, and  service partner .

Strategic Partner in Indonesia
for Radioactive and X-Ray Machine
Supply Chain

We work with the worldwide principal for the Indonesian end user to help them both manage their operations, procurement, and supply chain needs. Our clients are in a significant sector for industrial and medical radiation-based applications. They include private and government agencies.  

Industrial Application

#Non Destructive Testing #Isotope well logging #industrial gauging #analyzer #radiography #quality control #textile #semi conductor  #subsea #oil&gas

Medical Application

#Radiology #Diagnostic #imaging #nuclear medicine #Radio Therapy #interventional #CT Scan #Brachy Therapy 

Our Experience

Since 2011, we have served valuable customers from the industrial and medical industries for a wide range of service needs related to the radiation application technology.


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Phone : +62 812 1895 3810
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